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The concept of Dial a Wash is based on the following proven belief:

Aside from people’s houses, the next most valuable object people will have is their family cars or recreation vehicles. These may be owned either by the private individual, or by the company they work for, however this will not detract from the value of the vehicle as a status symbol. Mostly male drivers (but increasingly Female drivers) see their vehicles as an extension of their personality. They like them to be clean inside and out.

We live in a society where there are sufficient numbers of people who are relatively “Cash rich but Time poor” to drive the growth of service industries such as this.

Whether you are looking to start a new business or start again after redundancy, Dial a Wash is a great opportunity.

Essential skills...

Ideally people joining our network are enthusiastic, energetic, and organised, and have the desire to provide a caring, friendly, professional vehicle care service that is superior to all others. We can give you the opportunity to work for yourself, but not by yourself. The Business you are building is your own, but you will not have to do it on your own!

Support & Training...

You are not alone. We are there to help you out with training, web site, email, sourcing of equipment and supplies and you can purchase the right to use the Dial A Wash name and branding. We are not a franchise operation, you choose which services you need to get you up and running.

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