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car care Dial a Wash will come to your business by appointment.

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Using all our own resources including power, water and environmentally friendly, biodegradable products we Valet your fleet by hand inside and out.

The vehicles will be left clean and polished and as immaculate as possible.

The advantage over static mechanical Car Washes is that:

  • Dial a Wash is far more sympathetic to the paintwork of the vehicle
  • We do not miss any of the vehicle (most car washes still do).
  • We clean both inside and outside.
  • We report any pre-existing scratches or minor bodywork damage which may not have been noticed.
  • We use only fresh water

The advantage over the hand washes operated in certain locations is that:

  • Dial a Wash comes to you
  • No lengthy queuing
  • Better security as all our operators are police checked and insured.
  • Any particular requirements can be dealt with.
  • We will take credit cards and issue receipts.

We are the Premium Car Valet Service


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